Let me ask you these 3 questions

  • How would you like to improve your health and well-being so you can live your dream life?
  • What if you could get really clear on where you are headed and feel inspired on a daily basis?
  • Do you want to learn how to let go of those obstacles you know are holding you back?

Everyone dreams of having a better life in some way. Some want more money. Some want more energy, some want more time, some want more love and some want it all.

The biggest mistake people make is not following a 5-step formula to creating the freedom they want.

Most people don’t get clear with what they really want and where they are headed.

Others set an intention for themselves, but then don’t take action, and get caught up putting things off.

Other people get stuck when they take action, and get an undesirable result and give up far too easily.

Finally another big mistake, is that some people feel like they can’t change how they do things and stop themselves from growing.

I used to have an idea on where I was headed in life, but it was like heading to the horizon, rather than heading for a specific location.

I knew I wanted a better life, more money, more time, but I wasn’t very clear on what they looked like or even how I was going to make it happen.

As a result I was just getting by in life and wasn’t able to create the dream life and freedom that I hoped for. This was until I discovered a 5-step formula that when followed created more momentum and clarity for me, but more importantly it helped me create more freedom.

I want to share these 5-steps with you today, because in my experience in coaching women who really want that freedom and dream life, they are often unaware that there is a formula they can follow to make the journey to freedom much easier.

By following these simple steps it has given me the one thing I desire most. FREEDOM

Step 1 – Get Clarity on Your Big Outcome. Where do you want to be in 12 months’ time? What would you be doing in 12 months’ time? How would your health be in 12 months’ time? What improvements would you have made in 12 months’ time? How have all these changes positively affected your relationships and your money in 12 months’ time?
What specifically would you like to achieve in 12 months’ time?

Step 2 – Take action…Step 4 – Develop a flexibility to change your behaviour until you get what you want.…….. Small baby steps one at a time.

What are 3 – 5 tasks or actions you can take that will get you to progress forwards towards achieving your 12 month goal?

What are 3 – 5 tasks you can take action on THIS WEEK to start your progress?

Step 3 – Recognise the kind of response and results you are getting from your actions and note as quickly as possible if they are taking you closer and closer or if they are taking you further away from your goal.

Schedule in a time within a week, in your calendar, to review your action, what results it created and how you can modify or change what you did to get even better results.

Write down 1 – 2 areas or skills that you can develop further to increase your progress or learn more about what you are doing.

What are 3 – 5 traits do you need to summon within you, to make your progress and action-taking even easier?

STEP 5: Write this out and stick it on your Fridge/door/wall/toilet

Now most people make the mistake of doing it in reverse which doesn’t work

Know the good things you are wanting in life one step at a time persist and persist until you get the results you are looking for. Become flexible to change, step outside your comfort zone.

Change your beliefs that you know are holding you back.

All of this will take EFFORT, take ACTION and take CONSISTANCY, but you can do this

Know that you can, and know that you are worth it.