Tanya Spencer 

Life Coach/Mentor Women Living the Dream

Take Control of Your Life NOW:

ESCAPE PROGRAM 2018 4 Week Healthy Eating Plan

  • Are Doubts and Blockages holding you back?
  • Maybe you feel you don’t have a Purpose a Direction
  • Are you Feeling Stuck 
  • Do you have a Limiting Beliefs that you know is holding you back
  • Maybe you Struggle to even like the person looking back at you in front of the mirror

If you answer yes to any of these questions.

I am the person for you.


Genuine Women only 

My Mission is to help as many women who are feeling stuck to move forward. Women who want to find happiness…..But have no idea how………Women who have been held back by someone else’s doings…….Women wanting to feel confident, have fun, feel free, and to let go

I am a fully qualified

My passion is to see you improve and make some positive life style changes.

I live in beautiful Western Australia, however I can work with people in any area of the world due to our great technology we now have

I have experienced a new direction in my own life and can help you discover what is missing in yours.

I understand how it feels to wonder if there is more out there for you.

Let me help you tackle any obstacles that you feel are in your way.

Let’s change your story.

Let’s change your actions to get a better result together.

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